Chrysler Town & Country Convertable 1948

Prestigious.  Powerful.  Spectacular.                                     

                          Chrysler Town and Country Convertible 1948

 Burgundy Red.  
Brown Alpaca Convertible top. 
White Wall Tires. 
Superb restoration.

 1948 is the collectors choice of model year for the Town and Country series.

        The Chrysler Town and Country was one of the most exciting postwar cars produced.  A favorite of celebrities, personalities, and the rich and famous made it the first choice of the Hollywood crowd.  A beautifully built automobile which reflects the last of real craftsman quality.  Its ash  and mahogany-framed body was both elegant and beautiful, developing a long association with the country life that helped enhance its appeal to the wealthy.  The convertible was the most favored of the Town and Country line with 8,368 sold.  The body style was the most memorable of all the Chryslers with its name coming from the combination of the steel front end representing 'Town' and the wood paneled rear portion resembling 'Country.' The body was framed with white ash (adding structural rigidity to the doors and deck lid), fitted with interlocking miters, and varnished to perfection. Mahogany veneer plywood filled the spaces within the framing. The Town and Country convertible was built on a C-39 chassis with 127.5 inch wheelbase. It featured a Spitfire Straight Eight, 323.5 cubic-inch engine developing 135 horsepower coupled to a fluid drive transmission.  
Its grain matched white ash framing, complemented by mahogany panels is legendary.  The Town & Country Station Wagon offered commodious accommodation along with craftsmanship evoking the luxury of a bygone era. Along with Packard, the Chrysler "woodies" enjoyed the most upscale appeal of any other wagons.    It was generally considered the finest variant of both the six-cylinder Windsor and V8-engined New Yorker series, thanks to its higher price and handsome "woodie" construction.
                                 ~ For sale ~  by
 René Pourcheresse        
               A  man...  A car…
        The story of this esteemed car is as exemplary as the owner himself.  Mr. Pourcheresse is an elite restaurateur of highest regard throughout the world;  notable owner of the famous “Quai Ouest” 
 in Paris, France: St. Cloud.  An avid international traveler and classic car enthusiast, René purchased this much sought after [although yet un-restored] Chrysler Town and Country 1948 convertible during a trip to the U.S..  René then sent the car to his home in France to be meticulously restored to its current spectacular condition to drive and enjoy!

The restoration process included disassembling the body and frame, as well as the windows, interior, brakes, tires. The original straight 8 engine and fluid drive gear box was replaced with a new Cadillac V8 8.2 fit and GM automatic gear box.  A stunning aviation style dash board is a masterpiece and the seats and door panels are covered in  beautiful façon alligator upholstery. The Convertible top is pure Alpaca; the chrome and beautiful wood replaced to perfection.  Mileage: 7,000.
omprehensive and thorough restoration. Burgundy red paint and brown Alpaca top. White wall tires. 

A dream car... for enthusiasts, aficionados, and collectors. 
Prestigious, powerful and desirable, in excellent driving condition.  

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                                                                                  Should buyer desire,  it would be their pleasure to host buyer at their  prestigous restaurant.
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